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Getting started

Through the Viewer website, it's possible to visualize and interact with models registered on the platform, testing animations and variations. To access a model, it's necessary to access the link passing the query parameters customerId, with the related client id, and sku, with the SKU corresponding to the model. For example:

Customization parameters#

It's also possible to pass query parameters to customize the experience on the Viewer website:

showPdpButtonSets whether the viewer should or should not display a product page button. If no product page link is specified either in the product registration on the platform or by the pdpUrl parameter, the button will never be shown.boolean
0 | 1
pdpUrlDefines the URL to which the product page button should direct.linkregistered on the platform
pdpButtonTextCustomizes the text inside the product page button. If not informed, it will use the default value in the language used (Spanish, Portuguese or English).textSee product page
logoUrlCustomizes the logo that is displayed on the to imageregistered on the platform
showLogoSets whether a logo should or should not appear. By default, it displays if there is any specified link, either by registration on the platform or by the logoUrl parameter; otherwise, it does not display. If no link has been specified but showLogo parameter is true (1), the Viewer generates a logo.boolean
0 | 1
see description
animationSelectorSets whether the animation selection menu should or should not appear.boolean
0 | 1